List – Five Movies to Watch During Lockdown

We’ve been in a coronavirus lockdown for over a week now and it looks like it won’t be letting up soon.

If you’ve been one of those unfortunate enough to be placed on furlough, or worse, then you might suddenly find yourself with a lot of time and your hands and I’m here top help.

There’s a number of different streaming platforms available right now, from Netflix to Disney+, so I’ve combed through them to pick out five movies that you should definitely watch during lockdown.

5. Iron Man – Disney+ 


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a juggernaut in the cinema industry, but before it could reach the spectacular heights of Avengers: Endgame, it had to get over the first hurdle.

That hurdle was it’s very first movie: Iron Man.

With a relatively low budget and a star who’s past was still an issue for some, Iron Man had little expectation. But it exceeds everything.

The story is simple but not dumb. The hero is likable and the action sequences are well choreographed. The CGI even holds up 12 years later.

It’s the perfect starting point if you fancy getting into the MCU, and if you already have then it’s definitely worth a re-watch.

4.  Kingsman: The Secret Service – Netflix


If you’re looking for a spy flick with brilliant action then don’t look for Bond, look at Kingsman.

Coming out in 2012, Kingsman: The Secret Service exceeded many people’s expectations and set itself up to be one of the best franchises of modern cinema.

It features some stunning action choreography, some great humour and some brilliant acting from the leads – Taron Egerton and Colin Firth.

This isn’t one you should watch with the kids, but is perfect for an afternoon stuck at home.

3.  The Magnificent Seven (2016) – Amazon Prime


This film slipped me by when it came out in cinemas but I eventually caught it on home release and enjoyed every minute.

This remake of the 1960 classic really captures the story and style of the previous film but with a modern twist.

It’s stellar line-up (including Chris Pratt and Denzel Washington) delivers a heartwarming story of seven strangers teaming up to protect a town.

It features some solid action sequences and a fair bit of humour. But be warned, it does carry a lengthy run time. But then again, we are in lockdown aren’t we?

2. It – Netflix


If you haven’t heard of It yet then you must have been living under a rock.

The latest adaptation of Stephen King’s iconic horror novel received the big screen treatment back in 2017 and won praise for its casting and portrayal of Pennywise.

It’s the story of a creepy clown terrorising the town of Derry and a group of kids who try to stop him. It couldn’t be simpler.

Think The Goonies but with more jump scares.

If you aren’t a huge fan of horror (like myself) then you might have some reservation. But I can guarantee this is worth a watch.

It has plenty of humour to offset the scare factor and it has a solid emotional story at its heart.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl – Disney+


The final entry on this list is the very first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

Based off of the ride by the same name at Disney theme parks around the world – Curse of the Black Pearl introduces us to Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan as they set off on a high-seas adventure.

That’s what this is. An adventure. It’s non-stop from start to finish and provides plenty of laughs along the way.

You might like it so much that you go through and watch the other four films (they’re not terrible, I promise).


Well, that’s all from me. Let me know if you decide to sit down and watch any of these or if you think you have a better film to watch during the lockdown.

Stay safe.

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