Movie Review – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Now, if you weren’t aware Solo was going through a lot of production problems before the film was eventually released this week. However, I’m pleased to report, Solo absolutely shattered my low expectations.


Of course, this review will have no spoilers in it, but if you want to go in completely blind then stop reading. With that out the way, let’s crack on.

I’ll start with the cons, and luckily, there aren’t that many of them.

If I’m completely honest, there aren’t that many big issues, only a few minor issues that I had. The first is Lando’s accent. Don’t get me wrong Donald Glover is incredible in this film, but his accent is very on and off. That classic Lando twang is present in most scenes, but sometimes it just seems to have gone walk-about. It’s potentially due to the re-shoots and Glover couldn’t be bothered to do the accent again for those scenes, but who knows.

Another issue I had with the film (again, a minor one) is some of the CGI. Nothing to do with the scenery or the ships, but when the film CGI’s some of the characters. There’s one example at the start of the film with a storm trooper. Thankfully they don’t CGI many characters in this, but its 2018, you’d think we could make good CGI people by now.

Now, onto the pros.

The first major pro is Alden Ehrenreich. He was slated a lot in the media during the production of this movie but he really is a stand-out in this role. I can’t wait to see more of him, and I really do hope we get to. I would not say no to seeing more Solo films and seeing where they can take this character.

Another pro…Donald Glover as Lando. Early reviews said he was good, the trailers made him look good, and in the film he is incredible. He does the character of Lando Calrissian justice, from the charm, the sass and the wardrobe. There’s no doubt he’ll return in either another Solo film or in his own stand-alone movie, either way, I look forward to it.

A third pro? (yes we’re gunna reach four). The score for this film was fantastic. It was subtle when it needed to be and it was magnificent when the moment called for it. It uses some old music from the original trilogy as well as mixing in some new tracks that really boosts Han Solo and the scenes the score is used in. A good score is always one that doesn’t need to be heard, but when it is it only makes the film better. Honestly, this is probably the best Star Wars score since Revenge of the Sith.

And finally, the fourth pro. The film just looked stunning. From the battle scenes to the space dog-fights, once again Star Wars doesn’t fail to deliver on the spectacle. We saw a lot more in this film of the wider universe and I can’t wait to see more ‘on the ground’ Star Wars. I want more Star Wars films that are gritty and not sparkly like the Saga films.

So there you have it, Solo: A Star Wars Story is probably the second best Star Wars film of the new movies. I definitely enjoyed this one more than The Last Jedi, and probably more than Rogue One as a whole. If you love Star Wars, you’ll enjoy this one.

Solo: A Star Wars Story: 4/5

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