Is the Han Solo prequel really in trouble?


So, in the past week news broke that Phil Lord and Chris Miller, creators of hits such as 21 Jump Street and The Lego Movie, were fired from the untitled Han Solo Star Wars film leading many fans to worry about what is happening with the film.

Multiple sources have stated that Lord and Miller were thrown from the film due to ‘creative differences’. This included the directing duo wanting more improv scenes from the actors rather than just sticking to the script that they had. This reportedly made both Kathleen Kennedy (head of Lucasfilm) and Lawrence Kasdan (script writer) very unhappy with the way the film was shaping up.

It is believed that the acting duo were making a comedy film more so than an action film with a lighter tone. It is also believed that this is what Lord and Miller were hired to make. According to Entertainment Weekly “Kennedy believed Lord and Miller were hired to add a comedic touch; Lord and Miller believed they were hired to make a comedy”.

However, the reason why no longer matters as Ron Howard has now stepped over to take over directorial duties.

What does matter, however, is what will become of the film.

Many fans, including myself, were very keen to see the style of film that Lord and Miller were going to make, to see if they were going to give Star Wars a fresh new style. But it seems Lucasfilm wants to stick to its winning formula. Which makes sense from a business stand point, but the worry for me is that this might become stale.

Lord and Miller had big hits with 21/22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie. This Han Solo film was thought to be an unnecessary story to Star Wars fans, with many not really wanting the smugglers back-story to be revealed. But the involvement of Lord and Miller made this film seem like it could be something new and fresh, and not just another Rogue One.

Kathleen Kennedy has done well at Lucasfilm since it was bought by Disney, making Star Wars a staple of Cinema once again. However, should this Han Solo movie become just another generic Space-Action Sci-Fi film with nothing new or fresh to it, she could come under some strong criticism for letting Lord and Miller go.

The final thing to take into consideration here, is the type of dialogue the directors and studio were having. First of all, if Lord and Miller knew they wouldn’t have much creative freedom, why did they take the job? And also why did they try and get some more comedic scenes if they knew they shouldn’t?

It should also be looked at from the Studio. Why didn’t they make their wants clear to the directors before production started? And why did it take them so long to figure out what was going on? I know it’s a major company currently working on a few films including The Last Jedi and Episode 9, but with so much riding on this Han Solo movie they should have been paying more attention….

If you have any thoughts on the Han Solo movie and if you think Lucasfilm did the right thing or Lord and Miller were treated poorly, I’d love to hear it, let me know.

One thought on “Is the Han Solo prequel really in trouble?

  1. I’m pretty conflicted on the situation. On one hand, I love Lord and Miller and the work they do. , on the other, I don’t want the character of Han Solo to be wacky. He’s a selfish jerk and that’s who I want to see in the movie. My biggest concern now is that Ron Howard and Kathleen Kennedy will still try to make the movie work instead of delaying the film’s release and doing additional reshoots that they may need. I can only hope everything works out in the end.

    Also, would you be interested in sharing your work on Movie Pilot? I’d like to invite you to the platform as one of our content creators. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail, my contact details are on my “About” page. (o^.^)b

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