Movie Review – Wonder Woman


So, during the build up to Wonder Woman I wasn’t bothered. I’d been burned too many time by the DC Films and Suicide Squad really let me down this year. I didn’t believe Wonder Woman would be any better. I think I watched about one trailer for the film overall. However, I can happily say I was proved wrong by this film. I really really loved it.

Wonder Woman is directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot (Batman V Superman, Fast & Furious) as Dianna/Wonder Woman, Chris Pine (Star Trek, This Means War) as Steve Trevor, as well as supporting roles from Robin Wright (House of Cards) as Antiope, David Thewlis (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) as Sir Patrick and Danny Huston (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) as Ludendorff,

The basic plot of this film is Steve Trevor (Pine) crash lands on a secret island populated only by the Amazonian Women where he meets Dianna (Gadot). Steve tells of the ‘great war’ (World War 1) and Dianna leaves with Trevor in order to try and end the war and save mankind. Yano, your basic superhero stuff.

Before I get into what I loved about this film, I am going to start with what I really disliked. But, I am glad to say that it’s not much.

Firstly, the CGI in the film does come across as very very dodgy at times. Mostly when people are flying through the air or when Dianna has to do a really big jump. It’s dodgy and at times it can take you out of the movie. But, then at other times the CGI is pretty good, like during the final battle sequence. However, overall it is pretty meh, which is why its a con.

And the second con of the film was the slow-mo shots. After the story leaves the Amazonian Island, the slow-mo gets lesser and when it is used it’s great. But when it’s used during the very first action sequence it just felt like it slowed the film down too much and there wasn’t really much action in it to warrant the scene being slowed down. However, it does get better during the final two thirds of the film especially when focusing more on the Wonder Woman action sequences.

Okay, now onto the great stuff.

Gal Gadot. I wasn’t too sure about her being Wonder Woman from her brief appearance in Batman V Superman, but she honestly blew me away in this film. At times some of her lines do come out a bit wooden, but this is her first leading role so she really did brilliantly. She honestly sold me on being Wonder Woman, from now on I really couldn’t see anyone else playing that character. She played the character beautifully. From her naivety to the real world to her courage and her morals, everything was hit perfectly.

Secondly, Chris Pine. I expected Chris Pine to be one of the best aspects of this film. And I wasn’t wrong. His character is both charming and witty as well as caring and human. You really see him go on this journey with Dianna, both physically and emotionally and that really pays off in the film. Pines acting is brilliant and his on-screen chemistry with everyone (mostly Gadot) is clear to see. You can quite obviously see they both loved working on this movie.

A major point as to why I loved this film was down to one sequence. Up until this sequence I was still on the fence about whether or not I was gunna like this movie. I won’t spoil it for you here, but, the sequence that starts with the group in the trenches before No Mans Land is one directed perfectly, edited perfectly, scored perfectly and acted perfectly. It is the scene that sold me on the film and the character and it sets up the rest of the movie perfectly for its pay-off at the end.

Finally, and I don’t think this has been said enough, but the score for the film is stunning to listen to. Even by itself without any footage it sounds amazing, but when you put it with the action sequences in the film you see just how well it all comes together. Rupert Gregson-Williams deserves huge praise for his soundtrack to this movie.

so that’s it. I have renewed hope for the DCEU, and I hope Zack Snyder doesn’t ruin it with Justice League later this year. This was a perfect Wonder Woman origin story and I can’t wait to see if they decide to make a sequel. I hope that they do, and I hope they bring back the same directed. But if not, this was still a really really well made stand alone super-hero movie.

Please, if you haven’t already, go and see Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman: 4.5/5

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