Book Review – Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

I wasn’t too hyped for the new Harry Potter book (well, script), I love the world and the films, I just haven’t been too interested in reading the books – I know right – so when this new book (script) came out, I bought it and thought I wouldn’t really get around to reading it. But, after reading the first scene, I was hooked.

So, to give this book (script, okay, I’m just going to call it a script from now on) an overview it is basically the story of middle child Albus Severus Potter trying to be a great wizard like his father before him. Basically it’s a story about family and finding yourself. It is a story by J K Rowling but it is also written by two other play-writes: Jack Thorne and John Tiffany.

Things I liked? There’s a few. First of all,  I loved how easy it was to read. I felt that although it didn’t describe much detail about scenes and characters, it left you to decide what the surroundings looked like based on the versions you’ve seen on screen as well as the versions you’ve created in your head. However, because it’s a script and it has been simplified, I did find myself missing some key information every now and then, I don’t know whether it was just me or whether it’s an issue for the script as a whole, but that’s just how I found it.

The plot, even though it was a little recycled from the old books (I’m going to do my best not to reveal and spoilers here) was considerably original. I loved the new characters that were introduced as well as some of the improvements that were made to the old ones. Bar Ron. I felt that Ron was incredibly dumbed down in this script and that disappointed me, especially considering how brave and intelligent he was put across in the Deathly Hallows, I was disappointed that all he went on to be was the owner of the Weasley Joke shop. Yes, i know his brothers ran it but I felt that it was just a cheap way out. That being said, other than Ron, I did enjoy the progress that the other main characters went on to be (mild spoilers ahead). I felt that Hermione becoming the Minster for Magic was a smart move and went well with her character, the same with Harry being the Head of Magical Law Enforcement. I also liked the fact that Professor McGonagall had become the Headmistress for Hogwarts and that Neville Longbottom was also now a Professor. I also really loved the return of the Trolley Witch and the expansion of her character – a surprise I will leave for you to discover.

Sadly, because it’s a script book, it was over way too quickly. Of course, I didn’t mind this because it meant I didn’t spend much time reading it – a day in fact – but it did lack a lot of detail from the actual Harry Potter books which leaves me to believe that the actually stage play adds a lot more detail as you can see the sets. I would love for this script to become a movie, just so I could see the script come to life just as the previous books, but I feel that it won’t become a film any time soon, especially with the play still being in Theatres in London.

Overall, if you want a quick read, want to know how the Harry Potter story continues, and can’t afford to go and see the play, I highly recommend Harry Potter and The Cursed Child.

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child: 4.5/5

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