Game of TV: Game of Thrones – Season 6, Episode 2


This season is hitting us with shocking twists and turns quicker than Littlefinger betraying Ned.

So, there was only a few noteworthy points in this episode, but they were huge. So let’s get right into it.

Ramsay Bolton

After being told that Theon and Sansa have escaped capture. Ramsay and Lord Bolton are discussing their next strategies – which includes taking Castle Black – when the Winterfell Maester arrives to inform Lord Bolton that a new heir has been born. Seemingly okay with this Ramsay congratulates his father with a hug and his father reassures him that Ramsay will always be his first born. With gratitude and grace, Ramsay accepts this compliment by STABBING HIS FATHER IN THE STOMACH AND KILLING HIM. Yeap, Ramsay Bolton killed his father in cold blood because he didn’t want to lose his command. So now, Lord Ramsay Bolton calls for the new born child and its mother who he then FEEDS TO THE DOGS. Talk about intense. So now, Ramsay is in complete control of the Bolton house and there is no one to control or order him around, what the hell is he going to do next? We can only pray for the safety of Westeros.


And we’re back at the Iron Islands, for the first time in a long time. We’re told the Greyjoys have lost their foothold on the main land but Lord Greyjoy is intent on retaking the mainland forts they have lost. As he leaves one tower, he crosses a rickety bridge and meets his ‘dead’ brother who was supposedly lost at sea and killed. As Lord Greyjoy attempts to cross the bridge, he converses with his brother who THEN THROWS HIM OVER THE BRIDGE AND INTO THE WATER TO HIS DEATH. Who is going to be the new Lord? Can it be the next born (his daughter and Theon’s sister)? What is going to happen in the Iron Islands? Will they go back and try to invade the mainland?


Finally, the next big talking point. Jon Snow and the Nights Watch. Just before the new Lord Commander can break the door down and get to Davos and Jon’s body, the wildlings return to take back Castle Black and throw the customers into the cells where they belong – within this is an epic shot from the Giant where he picks up a man, smashes him against a wall then throws him across the courtyard. As the Watch prepares to burn Jon, Davos goes to the Red Lady to try and convince her to save Jon and try to bring him back. She cuts his hair, whispers some words, places her hands on him…..AND NOTHING HAPPENS. Jon snow stays dead to the dismay of all those in the room. They all leave, sad that Jon won’t be back, BUT THEN JON WAKES UP AND IS ALIVE. Yeap, he’s back, the Lord Commander and Bastard himself, Jon Snow Lives.


Okay, that’s pretty much the big talking points from Episode 2 of Season 6. Filled with a lot more epic scenes and you do see a lot more characters and development than what I’ve stated but, I couldn’t spoil everything for you could I. Go watch it yourself before next weeks episode, and if you haven’t seen any yet, what are you waiting for?! Go buy Season 1 now and get on the hype train.

Season 6, Episode 2 – Home: 4.5/5

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