Game of TV: Game of Thrones – Season 6, Episode 1


So, obviously with Game of Thrones back on our screens with Season 6 (and taking some inspiration from one of my friends blog) I thought I’d do an episode-by-episode review of each new episode as well as (hopefully) doing Season reviews as and when I re-watch them.

So Monday night (or morning, depending on whether or not you can stay up until 2 a.m. or not) Game of Thrones returned to TV after a year(ish) wait. John Snow’s been killed by members of the Nights Watch, Arya has gone blind, Jaime and Cersei just lost their daughter, Stannis has been killed after having his army destroyed during a siege at Winterfell and finally, Sansa and Theon (Reek) jumped off the walls of Winterfell in a desperate attempt to be free of the tortures of Ramsay Bolton – formerly Snow. All caught up? Good.

I’ll do the episodes plot line by plot line. Just to make it easier.

John Snow + The Nights Watch

No time has passed when we return and during the opening, we glide into Winterfell, John Snow dead on the floor. Sir Davos (the onion knight), who stayed behind when Stannis marched to Winterfell, leaves his room after hearing Johns dire wolf scratching and whining. Davos see’s John, gathers John’s closest allies in the Watch and brings him into an isolated room. John Snow is dead. This is confirmed by Davos when Melisandre, the red lady, returns after also leaving Stannis at Winterfell.

Throughout the episode, Alliser Thorne admits to killing John Snow along with other members of The Watch and gains the rest of The Watch’s trust by telling them how John would have ended up destroying what they stood for. Thorne tries to get to Davos and Johns body where they are locked in the room, but Davos sends a member of his rag-tag band of loyalists to try and get to the Wildlings and try and get their help to avenge John.

As well as this, a shocking reveal is made about Mellisandre. At the end of the episode, Mellisandre takes off the iconic red necklace she keeps on her to reveal an ancient old lady hidden under the mask of beauty. With this, she gets into bed and the episode ends. Only making more questions about who she is and whether or not this could help John return.

Arya Stark

Not much is seen of Arya in this episode. We see her begging on the streets of Braavos as she is now blind when one of the women who works with the faceless men challenges her to a fight using poles despite her being blind. We leave Arya still blind and still begging for money.

Sansa + Theon

Sansa and Theon have escaped (and survived) the fall off the walls of Winterfell and are now on the run from Ramsay’s dogs and his knights. They become cornered after crossing a river and hiding in a tree only to be rescued by Brienne of Tarth and Podrick. After initial rejecting Brienne’s services in Season 5, she now accepts the offer of protection when Brienne offers again.


When we left Daenerys she was surrounded by a Dothraki horde after her dragon flew her away from a blood bath. Now when we return Daenerys is being held by the Khal of this horde and after revealing that she is the widow of Khal Drogo, she is told she will be taken to be with the other widows of fallen Khals where she will live out her final days.

Tyrion + Varys

After Daenerys was taken away from Meereen, Tyrion and Varys have now been left to run the city. They walk the streets inspecting the city and trying to understand how to fix it. As they walk through, a fire spreads through the ship yard with Tyrion declaring that they won’t be sailing anywhere soon. – Brilliant, even more time spent with Daenerys and now Tyrion away from all the real action.

Finally we turn to Cersei and Jaime.

Cersei is recovering from her humiliation from the Sept and the High Sparrow when she is told of a ship coming into the harbour. Hoping to find Jaime and her daughter, Myrcella, she runs down to the harbour only to find Jaime bringing in the dead body of their daughter. During their grieving Jaime promises that everyone who has ever wronged them will pay and that they will take everything from them and that they will rule once again.


Well. That’s pretty much it really. As you can see not many other plot lines were covered in this first episode back, with the main one being John and the effect of his death. Not that we’re complaining, there would have been uproar if this wasn’t covered in detail. Ultimately the episode leaves us with more questions than it answered but overall it was a fantastic returns to our screens and I cannot wait until the next episode.


Season 6, Episode 1 – The Red Woman: 4/5

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