Low budget Movies – The Way Forward


Hollywood’s current mind set, in terms of making high quality films, is to throw money at it with the thinking that only big budget movies can make a profit and produce a well-made film that will attract an audience and make an even bigger profit. Admittedly this does make some very good films, you just have to look at films such as The Avengers, which had a budget of $220 million and made $1.5 billion back from ticket sales, to see why Hollywood thinks this is the way to go.

However, with all of these big budgets there are bound to be more big-budget movies that flop and this is becoming increasingly more regular. A prime example of a big-budget flop was 2014’s Jupiter Ascending, a CGI covered mess starring Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis, which made only $7 million in profit after having a starting budget of $176 million. Another example of a big-budget flop was 2015’s Pan, a new spin on the story of Peter Pan starring Hugh Jackman, had a starting budget of $150 million and only made back $128 million.

The fact that these flops are becoming more regular at the box office should surely be a sign to big studios saying to try and use smaller budgets. This is backed up by a recent huge success that hit the box office with a small budget – Deadpool. Deadpool, starred Ryan Reynolds, had a starting budget of $80 million which was then cut before the start of filming to just $58 million and has currently, as of writing this, made $516 million worldwide. A staggering $450 million profit! For a low budget movie! This is a clear sign that films with a good story and good characters don’t need big budgets and that fantastic production values can be put together with a low budget and minimal CGI.

Another low-budget movie that has amazing production value was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. This film, despite failing to make back its full budget, had a budget of just $28 million and shows amazing practical effects on its Zombies, creates amazing set designs and brilliant costume design. Even though this film would be considered a flop because of its losses, this can only be down to it not appealing to a wide target audience (there’s not a wide demographic for fans of Romance Zombie Period Action films) and not because of how it looks and how it is acted.

Hollywood needs to take lessons from these low-budget films and need to learn that if you put less money into a brilliant movie, you’ll get more profit! Hopefully Deadpool brings about a change in the Hollywood Movie industry and we start to see a rise in low-budget movies.

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