New Wednesday Movies: Deadpool


Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this movie. I headed into Deadpool expecting a standard slightly funny superhero/comicbook movie and I came out with my mind blown.

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is the story of Wade Wilson, an ex-mercenary, who is told he has cancer and in order to save his life he subjects himself to experiments by a private company that gives him fast healing powers (practically invincible) but at the same time makes him look horrific. In order to try and make himself look attractive again so he can go back to the woman he loves, he hunts down his creator as the anti-hero Deadpool. 

First of all, Ryan Reynolds. His first outing as Deadpool in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine was met with huge backlash, not because of Reynolds but because of how the character ended up (mouth sewn shut, laser eyes and sword hands?), ever since then Reynolds and a huge fan base had been pushing 20th Century Fox to make a Deadpool film and to make it R-Rated. And they delivered. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool, his humour and his line delivery perfectly matches that of the twisted sense of humour Deadpool shows in the comics. This is perfectly summed up by the line “you’re probably thinking “this is a superhero movie, but that guy in the quit just turned that other guy into a fucking kabab””. Honestly, every line in this film is perfect, not once did I feel a line or word was forced in or didnt make sense.

Next, I want to talk about the 4th wall. Deadpool is a movie that literally breaks the 4th wall every 5-10 minutes and it is extremely refreshing. It helps the audience connect with Deadpool and helps to understand what he’s going through. One scene I loved in particular is when he’s handcuffed by Colossus and as he’s being dragged away he turns to the camera and says “did you ever see 127 hours? Spoiler Alert!” and he then proceeds to cut off his hand to get free. There is also a beautiful scene in which he breaks the 4th wall within a 4th wall break and labels it breaking the ’16th wall’. No film has had the audacity to do this before and it puts a refreshing twist on a superhero movie, when many critics and fans were starting to worry about the possibility of Superhero fatigue.

The layout of this film is also very well done. It’s not a film in chronological order. It flicks between Deadpool and Wade Wilson before and how he became Deadpool in order to A) give the audience the exposition it needs and B) it keeps the audience interested because they came to see Deadpool and giving them Deadpool through out the movie rather than waiting to actually see the reveal and perhaps getting bored at the start of the movie and this could be the start of a pattern for Superhero Origin movies in order to make them more entertaining.

Finally, this is a pure R-Rated movie. The fans and Ryan Reynolds himself campaigned hard to get the film R-Rated and despite some people calling for a PG/12 version of the film, there is just no way it would have worked. The jokes in this film are very adult and very dark but exceptionally funny for an Action film. The film is also filled with brutal gore with multiple heads and limbs being chopped off (with Deadpool himself breaking two hands, a leg and then losing a hand and it growing back). The language isn’t PG either, multiple uses of the F-word are in place and not just for the sake of it, they fit. Everything fits. They haven’t just put in the gore, or the nudity, or the bad language just because they wanted an R-Rating, it’s in there because it fits beautifully with the story and with the characters. Deadpool just wouldn’t have been Deadpool if it wasn’t an R-Rating.

Basically, what I’m saying is, go and see Deadpool. If you have already, then go and see it again. It’s an amazing film and it’s a refreshing Superhero movie. It’s funny, clever and even sometimes emotional. As well as watching the film, go and pick up some of the Deadpool Comics, you can get a variety of different books that put some of Deadpools comics into easily readable collections from your local book shop. I myself bought the Deadpool Compendium the other day and I’m loving it. Please. Go and see Deadpool, you’ll love it.

Deadpool: 5/5

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