Weekend Animated Movie: Shrek


In this Animated Movie review, I’m going to look at Shrek. The first one. And I can’t possibly express how much love I have for this film. Shrek was such a success with fans and critics that 3 more films were made afterwards, with the second being arguably the best of all 4, but more on that later.

Shrek is an animated feature film produced by Dreamworks starring Mike Myers as Shrek, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona and John Lithgow as Lord Farquaad.

The film follows the story of Shrek, a disgruntled Ogre who just wants to be left alone. When Lord Farquaad takes all the fairytale creatures in the land and dumps them on Shreks doorstep, Shrek must team up with Donkey to go and get his land back. He confronts Farquaad and in order to get the creatures off of his land he must go and rescue Princess Fiona from a tower in a volcano guarded by a Dragon and bring her back to Farquaad to marry him. Thus ensues a road trip style story between the 3 characters as they make their way back to Farquaad discovering things about themselves and each other that none of them expected.

First of all, the animation in this film is fantastic. This film is the start of Dreamworks’ rivalry with Pixar and shows that other companies can make good animated films that appeal to all ages. The detail included is brilliant, from a detailed castle to the stubble on Farquaad’s chin.

As well as looking great, this film has huge family appeal to all ages. From cheap fart jokes (when Shrek and Donkey are climbing the volcano) to not-so-subtle adult humour (suggesting Farquaad is ‘compensating’ for something). This film will get audiences of all ages laughing and the performances from Myers and Murphy really help this with the humorous accents and the brilliant line delivery.

Another great credit to this film is that it never gets old. This film has immense re-watch ability that you don’t get with certain other comedies, the jokes just keep giving. The scene in which Donkey pulls a leaver and small puppets start singing (a clear reference to Its a Small World at Disney) is a stand-out joke that no matter how many times you watch it, a smile will always creep onto your face when you see the reactions of the characters.

Shrek has woven itself into Pop Culture in recent years and, despite the 3rd and 4th installments not being great, is watched and loved by many. If you ask anyone if they’ve seen Shrek, the answer is more than likely to be yes, and they’ll more than likely be able to quote you a few lines from the film.

On a personal note, this film is a great watch at a house party when everyone is in the limbo stage of sleeping/awake, you can just slip on Shrek and people will watch (admittedly they’ll complain at first, but once they start watching they cant stop).

Overall, Shrek is a great film for the whole family. Its a must see film for anyone no matter your age, gender, height or weight. It’s a film that will live long in the memory of audiences all around the world. I strongly suggest you watch it if you haven’t before, and if you have, well, watch it again.

Shrek: 4.5/5

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