Letterboxd.com – A surprisingly helpful website.


Now, recently I’ve been trying to broaden my movie range (rather than just action andd superhero movies) and I was trying to find somewhere to record and discover new films.

My girlfriend (who’s blog is in my ‘about’ section) was on Twitter one day and she came across a tweet with a link to a website calling itself ‘the goodreads of movies’. So, knowing I wanted a way to record films I watch and a way to help find new movies to see, sent me this link. The website is called letterboxd.com and is a brilliant way of doing exactly what i wanted.

Not only does it let you keep a ‘diary’ of what films you’ve watched that day, but it also lets you rate and review films as well as record what films you’ve seen previously (so long as you remember what they are). It groups nearly every film in existence (including anime and TV Movies) into their genre and you can also break them down into their year of release allowing you to browse a whole record of movies.

I’ve been using this site everyday since the start of January at its incredibly useful, it’s helped me decide what films to watch next (such as The Grand Budapest Hotel and Now You See Me) and it’s also given me a platform to keep a record of what films I’ve seen (just in case i forget)

You can also discuss movies with other fans on this site as well as rate and review the movies you’ve seen. You can publish what you’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter and you can also create lists of films you’ve seen or want to see.

This is all around a great site for Movie fans and a great place to get suggestions on what to watch next. I’ll link the site below and I’ll also leave a link to my profile, so if anyone decides to create an account (totally free of course) then feel free to come and follow me and you can almost guarantee a follow back.

Main Site: https://letterboxd.com/

My Profile: https://letterboxd.com/mountford2010/

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