Weekend Animated Movie: The Lego Movie


In these reviews I’m going to try and review a different animated movie at least every other week, maybe every week, depending on what time I have available. So, for this debut review, I’m going to look at The Lego Movie.

The Lego Movie was released in 2014 and stars Chris Pratt as Emmet, Elizabeth Banks as Wyldstyle, Will Arnett as Batman, Morgan Freeman as Virtruvius, Will Ferrell as Lord Business and Liam Neeson as Good/Bad Cop. As you can see, a star-studded cast.

The main plot of this film focuses on Emmet (Chris Pratt), he’s an normal ordianry Lego man going about his normal ordinary Lego day until he stumbles across the piece of resistance and is taken on a journey of self-discovery to stop the evil Lord Business (Will Ferrell).

Now, when I saw the trailer for this film, I loved it. I loved the look of the animation, I loved the cast and I loved the humour contained in it. A lot of people however, dismissed this film as a way to just sell more Lego, that it would only be aimed at kids, and that it wouldn’t suit an adult audience. They were wrong.

The film was a huge success. Not only did it appeal to the young children of today but it also appealed to all of the people, young and old, who had played with Lego throughout it’s history. The film threw in sly nods to other Lego products (such as Bionicle and Duplo) but it also included some of the big names that Lego has under its belt (such as Batman and Star Wars).

Not only was the main cast completely star-studded, this being Morgan Freemans first animated feature, but also there were some great cameos from other celebrities such as Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Nick Offerman and Anthony Daniels.

The jokes and humour in this film can appeal to all age ranges, much like Shrek does, and there doesn’t seem to be any use of cheap jokes or easy laughs. The humour is backed up by the brilliant voice work of Chris Pratt playing the dimwitted and slightly stupid Emmet as well as the brilliant voice of Liam Neeson who plays a Cop who’s face can turn from a good smiley one to a bad angry one.

As well as the voice work, the animation for this film isn’t cheap. It’s complex and really builds (no pun intended) a Lego world you could believe existed. Made of real Lego bricks and mini-figures, not one piece is made to look as if it couldn’t belong in a real Lego set. Despite the fore-ground of most of the shots being animated, some of the backgrounds (such as the City Skyline) is an actual Lego set that was built and put into the frame.

I suppose, all I have to say about The Lego Movie is, it plays on your nostalgia and reminds you of the hours you would waste playing with Lego coming up with endless possibilities of scenarios and what to build. It’s a beautifully made film with a brilliant original song (go on, look it up, bet you won’t get it out of your head for days).

If you are yet to see this film, I urge you to go and watch it, even if you don’t normally watch animated films. This is one film, you can’t go without seeing.

The Lego Movie: 9/10

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