New Wednesday Movies: The Revenant

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Yesterday I took only my second trip to the Cinema this year, and I went and saw the critically acclaimed The Revenant. The film is based on a true story and is directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu (Birdman) and stars Leonardo Di Caprio (Wolf of Wall Street, Titanic, Inception), Tom Hardy (Legend, The Dark Knight Rises) and Domhnall Gleeson (The Force Awakens, Harry Potter). 

The basic plot of this film is a camp of hunters from a settlement in America are attacked by Native Americans. On their retreat back to their settlement, Hugh Glass (Di Caprio) is attacked by a bear in the woods. Left badly wounded, the group try to carry him the rest of the way, once they realise they can’t they leave him, his son and two other members, one of which is John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy), behind until they can come back with help. After thinking that there is no way they can all survive if they stay with Glass, Fitzgerald tries to murder Glass but his son see’s. Whilst screaming for help Fitzgerald kills Glass’s son whilst Glass watches. Fitzgerald and the other member half bury a half alive Glass and leave him in the ground. Eventually, however, Glass regains his strength, heals and makes his own way back to the settlement in order to take his revenge on Fitzgerald.

Now, a warning before you go and see this film. It. Is. Long. It’s 2 Hours and 39 Minutes. Now, this wouldn’t seem like a long time if this was an action packed film that can keep you interested. But I’m afraid this isn’t. A majority of this film is taken up by walking through the wild and there is also a lot of shots of scenery.

That being said, I actually enjoyed this film. I admit it could do without some of the walking and maybe some of the dream sequences were unnecessary but it was a beautifully made film.

A lot of the shots are long uncut shots that pan and twist and turn around the scene allowing you to see nearly everything and still be surprised when something comes from behind the camera. These shots are absolutely beautiful.

Another brilliant point is the contrast between the bright red blood and pure white snow that really stands out and adds to the effect that you’re watching a true story about real people that experienced these events.

As well as this, the action sequences within the film is amazingly produced and shot. They’re intense and you really feel the danger facing these characters. Some shots even caused me to gasp aloud and so did other members of the audience. Some of the best sequences are the bear attack and a fight between Glass and Fitzgerald.

Cinematography aside, I really think this is what could get Leo his Best Actor Oscar, that being said I also think this could and should lead to Tom Hardy getting an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Both of these performances are straight out of the top drawer and the amount of work and effort both of these actors put in for this film was immense and can really be seen on the screen.

Overall, I liked The Revenant, it’s long but if you can appreciate the visual style of the film and the deeper meanings then you should go and see it and you’re more than likely to like it just as much as I do.

The Revenant: 8/10

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