My Top 5 Favourite YouTube Channel


I thought I’d make a little post to just share with you my top 5 favourite YouTube channels in the hope you’d like to check them out and enjoy them just as much as I do.

5.  Escapist


Escapist is a Video Game reviewer and is famous for his Zero Punctuation videos where he discusses (rants) about a game he has played and what his thoughts are on the game and sometimes even of the game franchise itself. His videos are about 5 minutes long and are very funny, especially if you can relate to what he is talking about and know about the game he reviews.

4. VanossGaming

photo (1)

Vanoss is someone who I was introduced to me by my friend and he is hilarious. He also plays Video games, much like Escapist, except his videos are actual game play footage from games such as Star Wars Battlefront, GTA V and Gmod and he also plays them with friends making for a very entertaining video. Vanoss’s videos range in time from 5-20 minutes but if you have a good sense of humour and want a laugh I highly recommend his videos.

3. CinemaSins

photo (2)

CinemaSins is a channel I have followed for a very long time. One of the co-creator (Jeremy Scott) released a book this year called The Ables and is a very good read. This channel looks at movies and counts ‘sins’ for every plot hole, continuity error or just petty nitpicking. The videos are very funny and are made even better by Jeremy Scott’s narrations of them. The videos also range in time scale from 5-20 minutes depending on how many sins the film has. If you like hearing about tiny little flaws in movies in an entertaining way then this is the channel for you.

2. Chris Stuckmann


Chris Stuckmann is a YouTuber who I have only been following for a short time but he has quickly become one of my favourites, hence why he is 2nd on my list. Chris reviews new and old films and gives his own personal and professional opinion on how he feels about them and about what the film actually is. He does this in an informative and entertaining way that keeps you interested no matter how long the video is (5-30 minutes depending on the film). If you want to decide whether to actually watch a film then this is the person you should watch.

1.  Screen Junkies


Finally, at the number 1 spot on my list is Screen Junkies. This is another channel I have followed for years and they have only grown in stature. They were originally well known for there ‘Honest Trailers’ in which they re-make trailers of films giving honest opinions and jokes about how good or bad the film actually is. As well as this they have now expanded to Screen Junkies Plus, an online website/app much like Netflix where they release there own content such as TV Fights, Movie Fights, Munday Night RAW, First and Worst and Honest Trailers Commentaries. If you wanna check this out go to there website ( and all of their content is free until this Sunday.


I’ll include some links to some of my favourite videos of these YouTube Channels and I hope you’ll go and check them out.


Vanoss Gaming


Chris Stuckmann

Screen Junkies

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