Captain America: Civil War – Teaser Trailer


I woke up this morning to notifications galore. On Facebook a couple of people had posted the trailer on my wall. On Twitter, people I’ve got favourited were tweeting about it. It was a brilliant thing to wake up to.

I wasted no time. As soon as I realised what was happening I jumped straight onto YouTube. Intent on seeing the first glimpse of a movie I’ve been excited for since The Winter Soldier.

This trailer is filled with brilliant shots from the upcoming film and confirms what the plot of the film will be. Captain America (and other heroes) will go against Iron Man (and other heroes) and the American Government over whether or not Superheroes should be controlled by a governing body.


The trailer then goes to tease us over battles between Cap and Tony.


As well as glimpses of some new and returning characters….


(William Hurt returns as General Ross, last seen in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk)


(The introduction of Black Panther and also the return of Bucky Barnes)

The trailer also uses some incredible cinematography to show us some fights and some soon to be iconic group shots…


(And on Caps side…..)


(Bucky and Captain America team up to battle Iron Man)

The trailer is fast paced, beautifully put together and shows how huge the scope of this film is. Especially as – if you didn’t know – the trailer doesn’t show other characters appearing within this film such as Ant-Man, Vision and the true villains of the films such as Crossbones and Baron Zemo (google them).

And this is only a teaser trailer!! There is still a full length and (hopefully) more detailed trailer to come!! But sadly there is 7 months still to go before this film – although we do have Star Wars before then.

In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet and want to check it out, here is a link to it on YouTube: Civil War Trailer

Captain America: Civil war is the 3rd Captain America movie, and the 11th (i think) movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is being released on the 6th of May 2016 (and as a friend pointed out this is 616, which is also the number for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the whole Marvel Universe, coincidence?)


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