Star Wars Battlefront – Worth the Hype?


Short answer? No. No it is not worth the hype. I was so disappointed in this game it’s unreal. Admittedly I got this game as part of a PS4 deal as a Birthday/Christmas present from my parents and that was well worth the money alone – it’s a special edition Star Wars PS4 with a cool Darth Vader stencil on it and a red controller as well as 4 old PS1/PS2 Star Wars games including Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. So basically 5 games and a cool ass PS4.

That being said, I’m very glad I didn’t buy the game by itself and I shall tell you why.

First of all, it is hugely based on its online gameplay. The offline only includes single player survival, limited offline co-op and a tutorial for the game mechanics. This is another shame as when I got the game I wasn’t a PlayStation Plus member, meaning I couldn’t play any games online. I originally thought, I’d be okay, I’d be getting paid in a week and then I could buy a membership and enjoy it. But I soon realised that without the online, the game is nothing. There is no campaign like in the Call of Duty games and there is also no Galactic Conquest or Instant Action like there was on the previous Battlefront games on the PS2.

Secondly, the game is too difficult? I think that’s the right word. What I mean is, as soon as you join a game online, and spawn in, you instantly get killed. And to make things worse, you start off with a low level meaning your gun isn’t as good as everyone else and also by the time you’ve seen someone they’ve already shot you!!

The final point I wish to bring up is the DLC and the Season Pass. I didn’t buy the season pass, as it costs MORE than the game itself (almost £10 more). This pass will give you access to the upcoming DLC’s that EA plan to release for the game, in order to include more maps and more weapons and also more ‘Hero’s and Villain’s’ that you can play as, over the course of the next year or so. This is very annoying as the game itself only has 4 planets to visit with 12 maps. ONLY 12 MAPS!! And the Hero’s and Villain’s are limited to 6 characters, all from the original trilogy.

Overall this game can, at best, be described as incomplete. I was very disappointed by EA (a company I’ve had no bad experiences with before) for releasing this game with so little content on it. If you want to play this game, borrow it from a friend, wait for a more expanded version to come out or even go back to the PS2 and play the original two battlefront games.

This was a short post, but the game was also short.

Star Wars Battlefront: 4/10

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