Supernatural – 10 seasons, 1 great show


I struggle to remember how exactly I got involved with Supernatural (I’m fairly sure it was a mix of Tumblr and my friends) but I know, how ever it happened, I have never looked back.

*minor/major spoils will follow*

For those of you who don’t know about Supernatural, it’s a show that’s broadcast on the CW in America – sadly not shown anywhere in the UK at the moment, but occasionally on E4. It’s about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester (played by the tall Jared Padalecki and the short Jensen Ackles) who hunt all kinds of monsters and demons and horror stories both past, present and odd. Well, that’s the basic pretense of the show…

To start with the boys mother is horrifically stuck to the ceiling of their childhood home and burnt to a crisp, both when the boys are young, with Sam being a baby and Dean being a few years older. The show then skips them growing up and starts from when Dean arrives at Sam’s college (University for us Brits) and tells him that he needs his help to find their dad who “went on a hunting trip and hasn’t been home for a few days”. Sam reluctantly agrees to go with Dean to help solve a case that they think could lead to their dad.

After not finding their father, but successfully solving the case. Sam returns back to his student home only to find his girlfriend also stuck to the ceiling and on fire. WHAT?!?! THE SAME THING?!?! I know, creepy stuff.

I’d love to go into more detail about the show as I could talk about it for days but I can’t bring myself to spoil it for you all. A few minor plot developments I shall reveal to you however is that the show isn’t just about demons and ghosts. At the start of season 3 an Angel of the Lord called Castiel enters the fray (played by the lovely Misha Collins) and this brings up the biblical story of the end of days and the battle between Lucifer and the Arch Angels. From then on things go between Angels and Demons and the ghosts and monsters take a step back.

Some people might thing that by the time a show reaches 10 seasons, it might be a little boring. Most shows don’t even reach 10 seasons. But Supernatural is going strong with no signs of slowing down and season 10 has to have been one of my favourites with amazing story telling and an arching plot that keeps everyone guessing to the very last minute.

The show as a whole gets my seal of approval and if you have the time then the box-sets are available on DVD and can also be found on a variety of different Netflix’s. Well worth a watch i promise you that

Supernatural – 5/5

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