Let’s Talk About Doctor Who – David Tennant


Now, to my friends and people who know me, it’s no secret that my favourite Doctor is the Tenth, magnificently played by the dashing David Tennant.

I’ve always loved Doctor Who, ever since it’s revival in 2005 when a 8 year old me came downstairs on a Saturday night to find my Dad browsing the TV guide and exclaiming ‘oh look, they’ve brought back Doctor Who’. That is a moment that I will never forget.

Now, in that revival the Doctor was played Christopher Eccleston and I adored that version of the Doctor and when Chris left I thought no one would be able to fill those shoes. David quickly proved me wrong.

His first appearance was on Christmas 2005 and despite being his first episode, he was only really the Doctor right at the very end (literally the last 20 minutes) where he wakes up from a regeneration-induced coma to save the human race from being in slaved by the terrifying Sycorax. The Doctor saved the world on top of a spaceship on Christmas day in pyjamas and a dressing gown with nothing but a sword and a tangerine. I was smitten.


Ever since that episode David just got better and better. He broke my heart in Doomsday when he had to say goodbye to then companion Rose Tyler (played by Billie Piper) when she was trapped in a Parallel Earth after choosing to stay with the Doctor, I’m not ashamed to admit I cried. With the Doctor able to have a few minutes to say good-bye to Rose – seemingly forever – the scene was filled to the brim with sadness and distress for both characters and viewers. The scene ended with Rose confessing her love for the Doctor and his lines etched in my memory “And I suppose, If it’s my last chance to say it, Rose Tyler…..” and then he was gone, the good-bye ended before he could finish. I was in tears.


And that was just his debut season….

David’s second season (season 3 of the show) was slightly more lighthearted with Martha Jones becoming the next companion (played by Freema Agyeman). A few great scenes and episodes stand out for me from this season because of David.

The first one is during The Family of Blood. In this episode the Doctor had to turn himself Human in order to hide him and Martha in 1913 England. Towards the end of this episode the human Doctor – John Smith – has to make the choice to become the Doctor again, knowing full well that John Smith will no longer exist. The acting skill of David is shown as he switches between the helpless and weak John Smith to the powering and intelligent Doctor.


The second moment of this season is shown in Last of the Time Lords. At the climax of this episode The Master, played by John Simm, is shot by his wife after being defeated by the Doctor. Dying in his arms the Doctor weeps over his fallen friend and foe. In this scene David shows pure emotion that will only be replicated once more as Davids term as the Doctor.


Now, I’m gunna skip over Davids third series as the Doctor – and his specials in his 4th year – not because there’s no good acting in it, there’s plenty of amazing moments (have a look at Voyage of the Dammed, Fires of Pompeii and The Doctors Daughter for prime examples) but because this post is getting quite long and there’s one scene I really want to talk about.

Now. This is by far my favourite and the most heartbreaking of all of Davids scenes in Doctor Who and every time it makes me well-up and bring me to the verge of tears. Yes. I’m talking about one of Davids final scenes as the Doctor in The End of Time: Part 2.

In this scene the Doctor realises that he cannot cheat death and that he must regenerate and during his realisation his sadness, regret and anger all come flooding out and David puts on a show that is sure to have been the reason as to why he won the role of a villain in Marvels Jessica Jones (currently on Netflix, and I’m watching as I type). The pure emotion of this scene cannot be conveyed by gifs so I’ll add a link to a YouTube clip for you all to watch below this line:

The End Of Time: Part 2

David beautifully shows the struggles the Doctor has to go through and how he could never put his own life before the life of an innocent no matter how much he wants it, or no matter how much he believes he deserves it.

A beautiful end to a beautiful Doctor.

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