Under The Dome – A Confusing Show I’ve Fallen In Love With

After browsing suggested TV Shows I finally decided to watch Under The Dome. I’d given it some thought a number of times but after watching the first episode and then buying the book it’s based on (written by Stephen King, it’s fucking huge), I was hooked like never before.

I’ll try and explain the show as simply as I can. The story is based in a fictional town called Chesters Mill in America. It’s a pleasant country town with a small population (under 2,000 according to the sign) and a town in which you get the idea that nothing interesting at all happens. Then one morning in this quiet town an invisible dome appears out of nowhere and encases the whole town and its residents. Is it Aliens? Is it a natural disaster? Is it the US Government? Season 3 has just premiered and I still have no idea what caused it.

The first characters we meet are:

  • Dale ‘Barbie’ Barbara (Mike Vogel Cloverfield) – A former army guy turned drug enforcer (well, someone who goes and collects someones drug money) who gets stuck travelling through Chesters Mill after killing a resident over the drug money.
  • Julia Shumway (Rachelle Lefevre Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2) – A journalist currently working for the towns local paper and is very keen on getting news on the Dome and Barbie.
  • Linda Esquivel (Natalie Martinez End Of Watch) – the towns deputy sheriff who always puts the towns safety before her own.
  • Angie (Britt Robertson Tomorrowland) & Joe McAllister (Collin Ford Supernatural) – A brother and sister who’s parents are left trapped outside of the Dome
  • James ‘ Big Jim’ Rennie (Dean Norris Breaking Bad) – Chesters Mill’s only councilman in town when the Dome arrives and also a used car salesman
  • James ‘Junior Rennie (Alexander Koch The Ghosts) – Son of Big Jim, Junior is also in a relationship with Angie McAlister.
  • Norrie Calvert-Hill (Mackenzie Lintz The Hunger Games) – A teenage girl who got stuck in Chesters Mill with her two mums on their way to L.A.

(Dale ‘Barbie’ Barbara and Julia Shumway in Season One)

Now, I won’t add any spoilers into this article as I hope that a lot of you will decide to go on to watch Under The Dome and enjoy all of its twists and turns just as my girlfriend and I did.

If you like Torchwood, Breaking Bad, Star Wars or any other Sci-Fi show or film I can guarantee you will really like this show. The pacing of the show always keeps you on your feet, not knowing what is gunna happen next or if anyone is safe. The show will draw you in and make you fall in love with the characters and your heart will break for them as life in the Dome gets harder and harder.

Each episode the town is faced with different and harder problems from a house fire to the temperature inside the Dome changing to a downpour of red rain. This show will never make you bored and you will always want to watch the next episode.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article and I hope many of you will go on to watch the show. Please follow my blog, share this article and comment if you’d like anything.

 (Obviously no pictures used in this article are mine and the opinions expressed are mine and only mine)

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