‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Worth the hype?

The short answer is yes, of course it is.

Okay, so I’m sure many of you know by now that on Friday 28th of November, the teaser trailer for the seventh instalment (and the first of a new trilogy) of the hugely successful Star Wars franchise was released in cinemas in the US and online around the world, 9 years after the last film in the franchise (Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith).

This new trailer gave fans an 88 second insight into what Mr. J J Abrams (Star Trek, Lost) had created for a film which is a sequel to its 33 year-old original. There was much speculation as to what would be shown in this new trailer and it’s safe to say that fans of the films were not disappointed.

The trailer starts off with a black screen fading in to show a baron desert wasteland in what is believed to be Tatooine with a voice over saying “There has been an awakening, have you felt it?”. Then, to the surprise of most first time viewers, up pops John Boyega ( a new addition to the Star Wars universe) in an almost complete Storm trooper outfit, except the helmet. Due to not much being known about who this character is there has been much speculation as to why he’s in the outfit – Is it a disguise? Or are the Empire now recruiting people to join rather than having clones? It’s safe to say this will be debated until more is revealed.

Then the trailer fades back to black and we’re briefly shown more of what appears to be the same planet but with junk in the background and this time we’re shown an odd looking droid (Very similar to the ‘head’ of R2-D2) rolling along on a football. This shows a lot of the practicality that JJ Abrams was so insistent of having in the new films.

Then with a more dramatic emphasis, the picture goes back to black and we’re shown brief glimpses of new Storm troopers and what appears to be new weaponry. It’s safe to say that the universe really has had some technological advances in those 33 years.

Next, after more black pictures, we come back to the same desert planet and see our second new lead Daisy Ridley, a virtually unknown British actress, about to ride off on a chunky new land speeder. Think the Endor speeders crossed with a very large filing cabinet.

After this we’re shown more black pictures and then a beautiful CGI shot of 3 X-Wing fighters flying across a river on what is another planet which is yet to be named.

More black pictures are shown before we’re taken to what appears to be another planet but this time we’re in a snowy forest with a caped and hooded figure walking forcefully away from us before he stops and reveals a brand new red lightsaber. The voice over is also back in this clip saying “The dark side” before fading to black and saying “and the light”. As is to be expected, there is continued speculation as to whom this figure could be and why he has an upgraded lightsaber.
Now for the money shot. Before your eyes the picture turns to blue and up flies the Millennium Falcon in all its glory with the Star Wars main theme blaring out. It does a quick loop sending the camera upside down then we follow it along as it skims the same desert floor as we saw earlier and engages with two TIE Fighters. A beautiful shot.
Then last but not least, the iconic Star Wars logo appears before us with the sub title ‘the force awakens’ appearing in the middle before fading away and telling us all that we have to wait over a year to actually see the film. But despite that, we are very impressed and very, very excited.
To conclude this article, this small teaser trailer for this new film has got many many nerds hot under the collar and is sure to attract and excite many casual fans and even people who are new to the franchise. All that is left for Lucasfilm and Disney to do now is deliver on what is set to be the biggest blockbuster of 2015.
(All videos and pictures in this are not mine, however any opinions in here are)

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